Summer in Alaska is such an incredible time. I feel so lucky everyday to see God’s canvas as I simply drive home. Justin and I  have always tried to go on a date at least once a month – just to take time out of our busy schedule, be with each other, and relax. During the summer, saving money on dates is quite a bit easier. This summer, we have been all about lake swimming. Atlas, Justin’s pup, loves it and after a long day, it is the perfect way to cool down and spend some time in the sun! Both Justin and I are trying to save money so the less we have to spend on dates, the better. That means less time at the movie theater and more time on a bike, hiking, or picnicking!

I know this blog post is a little overdue, but for my readers out of state or eager to stretch out Alaska’s summer, this is for you! Here are 25 date ideas that are perfect for summer nights or those who are looking for less expensive quality time!

  1. Making brunch together
  2. Go fishing
  3. Road trip somewhere spontaneous
  4. Sunrise or sunset hike
  5. Go swimming
  6. Picnic somewhere unique
  7. Go berry picking
  8. Have a water-balloon fight
  9. Have a campfire
  10. Go on a bike ride together
  11. Go on a coffee date
  12. Go kayaking
  13. Get some soft serve ice cream
  14. Couples game hight
  15. Have a barbecue
  16. Go to a bookstore together
  17. Go canoeing
  18. Cook dinner for each other
  19. Go on a walk together
  20. Bake something together
  21. Go to the driving range together
  22. Go to a record store together
  23. Watch your favorite childhood movie together
  24. Go to a baseball game
  25. Watch fireworks together

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