They say that in every relationship, there is a saver and there is a spender. Well, it may come as a shocker to you, but I am the spender between Justin and I. OKAY OKAY, I know that is not a surprise to anyone! I have pretty expensive taste and I don’t really feel a need to explain myself, but there are times when being a spender is not a good quality. I really try to look for good deals and not buy impulsively. Summer is a much better time, for me at least, to save money. Winter has a way of sucking money from my fingers and I don’t even see it. Especially in Alaska, finding things to do isn’t always the easiest soooo I wanted to write about some easy ways to save money when the sun is shining!

  • Cancel your subscriptions.

Summer is no time to be bingeing your favorite TV series so cancel your subscriptions while the sun is out and if you really can’t live without Netflix, get it back in the winter!

  • Enjoy nature, not indoor facilities!

There are so many things to do outside, especially if you get a friend to tag along! Hiking, going for a walk, finding some live music, going for a drive, etc. While some of these things can cost a little, it is more than likely going to cost you less than paying for a movie ticket or  Dave and Busters.

  • Cook!

While I am guilty of eating out more than I should, I know cooking is much better for you and more cost effective. Yes, I am a hypocrite – But I do also love to cook and it is fun for Justin and I to cook together or to cook with friends!

  • Grow a garden!

All growing up, my dad had a massive garden growing all summer long. We would get seemingly endless amounts of peas, carrots, broccoli, etc.  While these don’t sound the best to many, there is nothing better than an Alaska grown carrot fresh from the garden.

  • Ride your bike.

If you don’t have a long distance to go, grab your bike. I know gas is a small price to pay, but it does add up and there is nothing wrong with getting some fresh air while running a few errands.

  • Shop out of season.

Since we are getting to the end of the summer, we are coming up on all the best sales for cute finds that you have been eyeing all summer! I, personally, don’t have a problem shopping out of season because my style stays pretty consistent throughout the seasons and if I can save a few bucks, I absolutely want to!

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