Raising kids is basically taking your best guess and seeing how it works out. Luckily, most parents guessed correctly and we kiddos ended up being okay adults. The past few weeks I have been taking on quite a few more responsibilities and I’m not sure if my parents got lucky or if they actually knew what they were doing with me after raising the practice child (also known as my big sister, Hannah) or if they actually knew what they were doing, but along the way, I guess they did something right because I know I am going to be okay.

As you know from a few weeks back, I absolutely adore my mom. She has the strength I can only imagine having and a wow factor that everyone can see, but this post isn’t about her. This post is about my #1 guy and my biggest supporter: my dad. I think being the youngest might have something to do with the fact that we click in almost everything. Growing up, him and I would conquer the cabin trips, basketball, riding my bike, gardening, etc. together. My sister wouldn’t be caught dead gutting a moose with our dad, but I was all about it. Over the years, he wasn’t just my dad, but he became my coach. Even when he knew nothing about the sport, he would learn so he could be out practicing with me. He was at every game he could make with his hectic work schedule and never, ever let me down.

From him I have learned some lessons that I don’t think I would be okay without:

  • The basics of taking care of a car

I might not know what kind of engine I am running or how to change the brake pads, but I know how to change a tire, change the oil, and how to drive it so it’ll last me as long as possible.

  • How to fillet a fish

Oooooh baby! This is a lesson that not only will keep my freezer full (hopefully), but it makes me look really smooth when I can fillet a salmon right there with my Alaskan boyfriend.

  • How to grow my own food

If you can’t tell already, my dad doesn’t rely on hardly anyone to take care of him. 90% of the food in his house, he has grown or harvested himself. He only puts the very best in his body and you can tell.

  • How to have fun

Around our house, my dad gets a lot of grief for working too much and not having enough fun, but the truth is: he knows how to host an awesome party. He has some of the best hosting skills and thankfully, I think that’s genetic!

  • Reaching a goal

When my dad sets a goal for himself, he gets it done. No one would ever accuse him of being a slacker and even when everyone else stops pursuing their goals, he keeps at it.

  • The importance of saving money

I am honestly not sure if I have ever met someone who can save money like my dad. Kinda like growing his own food, my dad finds a way to use his resources so he can spoil his girls.

Honestly this post could probably be my longest because I really do cherish the relationship I have with my dad, but I just want to say thank you to my dad for putting the time and energy into raising two girls. I know we were not the easiest kids, but we both love you dearly and I know that these lessons and many more will be passed down to my and Hannah’s kiddos. We love you – Happy Father’s Day !!

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